About Us

Social Cipher is a video game that jumpstarts children with autism on a journey to face their insecurities, transform them into their strengths, and move onto futures that shine brighter than the stars. Social Cipher’s interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in neuroscience, computer science, and art addresses the needs of real families through scientific research and the magic of gameplay and  story. Our goal is to empower and support children diagnosed with autism as they develop the confidence and the skills to communicate clearly. In addition, Social Cipher aims to ensure that the time and cost associated with this practice are minimal, so that no family is hindered by a busy life or by expense. We’re supported by the Halcyon Incubator and mentors at Riot Games, and we were 2018 National Geographic Chasing Genius Finalists. We imagine a future in which an autism diagnosis is no longer viewed as a deficit, but a superpower that might just change the world.

Social Cipher: National Geographic Chasing Genius Finalist from Claire Klein on Vimeo.